With you beyond the innovation ...


How to imagine, organize a world first class services for our customers? Think about their process in a way they never reached? Turn the ROI to the maximum value? Help them reduce the TCO on choosen technologies?


     RYYDE CONSULTING was created to follow these goals, bringing another consulting experience to our customers. Our consulting service is built on first class Engineers team with large experience of big projects and production operating.

     We believe that a successful business is partnership-based and we aim to be seen as a partner by providing innovative and tailored solutions to our clients.

      In the era of Big Data, I lead research and development at Ryyde Consulting to bring our IT vision to our client's business strategy. This involves activities in such diverse fields as the Internet of Things (IOT), medical informatics and GIS technologies.

      We put special emphasis on rapid prototyping platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry PI or more professional such as Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) in the integration of medical sensors, Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) compatible GPUs and GPU Computing technologies, Transmission means, sensor data concentration with low consumption and compatible LORA.

We want to specially thanks the POLITECNICO DI TORINO as being a great school where people can lean in a good environment. Thanks to a centuries-old tradition, the Politecnico di Torino is among the most active and skilled players in scientific and technological training and research, in Italy and abroad. Aware of the fact that such a wealth of knowledge remains sterile, if confined within classrooms and laboratories, the Politecnico is committed to promoting technology transfer practices to various levels, with the aim of spreading new social and industrial practices based on its research results and inspired by innovation: the so-called “Third Mission” of the university, intended as a contribution to the progress and development of society through the sharing of knowledge. The structure of the Politecnico involved in this process of knowledge valorization and promotion of its results is the Technological Transfer and Industry Relations Area (TRIN), within which the Interdepartmental Laboratory for Technology Transfer (LabTT) team was set up