We are involve in planning training sessions respect to our clients needs. so our courses are designed to get you the training needed to make the most of your investment in the targeted technology / platform. Instructor-led and self-paced courses provide a quick and convenient way to get you and your team up and running. Training environment are built on the top of docker container so that they can run in less time, with less resources and quickly

  1. Talend Data Integration
  2. Talend ESB  Karaf
  3. ActiveMQ /CAMEL en mode avancé avec le multi-fowarding et les EIP
  4. Camel 
  5. Big Data 
  6. Salesforce (integrations patterns / SQOL) 
  7. IBM Datapower / API GATEWAY 
  8. Axway Decision Insight
  9. Pentaho Bi Server / Data Integration
  10. How to use Mathematics in reals solutions patterns (for sample elliptic curve cryptography or efficient sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on CUDA )